Financial Services - Through our Partnership with Innovative Change$

Innovative Change$ is a CDFI, founded by Innovative Housing to help struggling individuals and families manage short-term financial needs in order to achieve and maintain household stability.

Financial Coaching and Workshops
The first step in taking control of one’s finances is the development of positive spending and savings habits. Innovative Change$ offers households the opportunity to work closely with a financial coach who provides them with the tools they need to obtain a clearer picture of their finances and take defined, real-world steps towards a better financial future. We also offer workshops that are designed to help participants gain control of their short- and long-term personal finances.

Click here to see a our calendar of workshops or email us at about individual coaching.

Responsible Small-Dollar Consumer Loans
Unexpected expenses or a sudden loss of income can result in crisis and overwhelming stress, often exacerbated by the use of high-cost payday loans to smooth basic consumption needs. For example, a $300 car repair may mean that a single mom with a stable job cannot get her children to daycare or herself to work on-time. This quickly results in lost wages – eventually even a lost job – and an increase in family stress. If she cannot afford to fix the car or pay her monthly bills on time, she may take out a payday loan, which pushes her into an unsustainable cycle of repetitive borrowing. Her credit and rental history are damaged, dramatically decreasing future opportunities, and she still struggles to meet her family’s basic needs.

Our loans are designed to help borrowers experiencing financial emergencies, those wishing to pay down other high-cost debt, and those preparing for asset building opportunities. Currently prospective borrowers must be referred by one of our community partners in order to obtain a loan. Click here to see a list of our partner organizations.

Credit Building Opportunities
Credit scores dictate the cost and accessibility of services, influence assumptions about an individual’s character, and determine many asset-building opportunities. While there is no quick fix for increasing credit scores, we offer a range of tools to help people begin to repair, build and protect their credit.

Financial Tip

Don't pay for a Refund Anticipation Loan. In most cases, if you file you e-file your taxes, you will receive your refund in about two weeks - and not have to pay a portion for a Refund Anticipation Loan!